Stareggs V1

Andromeda Software

Status: Preview, Findability: 1/5


A short entry thanks to Csaba Virag, who has found yet another early build of another piece of C64 software. This time for Stareggs, before it seems it was sold to Mirrorsoft or Happy Software for publication.

There might be more differences to discover, but the key things are with the in-game graphics, but also the following which Csaba has spotted:

  • Different start-up screen with instructions (separate in the final version)
  • No Happy Software logo
  • You can select from Level 1-2-3 instead of Lives 4-6-8
  • Different instructions / story
  • The intro is completely missing
  • The first shooting level completely missing

It is strange how the disks that Csaba has been going through have had so many earlier editions of some of the games – suggesting that it was possibly a leak by the person who had the disks originally. It’s a great little curiosity though which is worth checking out.

Of course, the game was completed and released, so it is a case closed already for this one.



Contributions: Csaba Virag

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