Sungem Educational Adventures

Sungem Educational Adventures

Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

Another company entry, thanks to Peter Weighill, for a number of educational titles that are currently missing, and from another US based label called Sungem Educational Adventures.

The following games were advertised with screenshots:

  • Spelling Space Wars
  • State Chase
  • Kids on the Commodore
  • Beginning Years
  • Metric Fever
  • Searcher of the Solar System
  • Raceway U.S.A.
  • Math Mania

It is likely the games were actually released and are out there, but can you help us find them and get them fully preserved?

More soon we hope!

Contributions: Peter Weighill

Supporting content

Update history

22/10/16 – Added 4 more games to the set.

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