Valentines Day

Sales Curve

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Yet another GTW which sadly hasn’t got a great deal we can say about it. Commodore Format magazine in issue 17 mentioned this game in their previews, stating that Sales Curve were producing a St Valentines Day game to coincide with the annual event.

The game was described as a “Spicy Lurve game”, but this was it… and no more was ever heard.

Upon questioning the title to Simon Pick, the head of Sales Curve at the time, he did not remember ever hearing about the title. Possibly Commodore Format “Made it up” ?

Admittedly, Simon didn’t know that Sales Curve had Solar Jetman on the cards on the C64, and that was an out of house title. Maybe this game was too?

It is unknown if this game was intended as a full game or as a promotional kind of game. Certainly creating a game purely for one day of the year was a bit of a risk, so maybe they scrapped it before it even went past the ideas stage.

However, it was mentioned, it was planned… now to find out more. Fancy some spicy lurve with your C64, then think again!…

Contributions: Andrew Fisher

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