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T-Runner was described by its preview snippet in ACE magazine (issue 4) as being a Marble Madness-type arcade adventure, set on a Marines training platform in space.

After 300 years of lying idle, the central computer has gone haywire and its all up to you to sort it out…. Well, it would have been had the game actually been released. The Christmas 1987 release date didn’t quite happen!

It seems that unfortunately this Nexus Productions game got caught up in the folding of the company at the end of 1987 … meaning that we would never get to see this promising sounding game.

Unfortunately no other company picked up the game from the remains of Nexus, and so the mystery of the game lives on.

We do not yet know who the developers were behind the game – quite possibly it could have been Paul Voysey or Tayo Olowu. Hopefully they may come forward and shed some light.

Contributions: Brendan Phoenix, Ross Sillifant

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17/02/15 – New scan added thanks to Brendan Phoenix

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  1. If you look in Ace Issue 5, you’ll see a report on Nexus going under, but then being taken over by coder Paul Voysey, who claims both T-Runner and Resolution had gone to nice, good homes and he was confident T-Runner would be finished in Jan’88.

    So he’d be the person to ask.

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