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Also known as: Tiny Skweeks

An interesting puzzler which was released for the Amiga and Amstrad platforms, but not on the C64 – as stated would be the case in C&VG magazine. This was released in Europe under the name of “Tiny Skweeks”

The game was pretty well received on its released platforms, so we can only assume that the game was a casualty of the French company’s lack of interest in the C64 platform compared to the Amstrad, due to the popularity of the machine being much greater in France.

The question is whether anything was actually started on a C64 conversion, or was it just vapourware overall?

Well, Martin Pugh has found that there are C64 instructions listed in the Amstrad CPC instructions, giving evidence that its very likely a game had existed. So who was behind it, and what happened exactly to it?

Martin has found that Frédéric Motte (Moby) composed a C64 tune for the game, and confirmed it was never released. The tune is now sadly lost. Hopefully he will know more about the development!

Watch this space!

Contributions: Ross Sillifant, Martin Pugh

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23/12/16 – Martin Pugh finds evidence that a C64 version did exist

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  1. In addition, the french CPC Tiny Skweeks instructions list both C64 tape and disk loading instructions. There are also ST, Amiga and IBM PC loading instructions and they all exist.

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