Damian Caynes

Status: Preview, Findability: 5/5

Our next entry is a post-commercial era title from around 2005 that sadly was never to be completed.

Tronscii is a PETSCII clone of the common tron light bikes game, two player only with dual scrolling playing grids and colour cycling trials.

The developer Damian Caynes started the game after being bitten by the PETSCII bug when developing Ate My TinySID. After starting designs for a Dr Mario clone called Dr PETSCII, the new Tron movie inspired a new Tron game in the style.

After some hefty work, a system was worked out with group mate Style/Chrome to plot trails onto a huge virtual play-field. Everything was going well, when Damian got stuck on how to plot the other player’s light bike on each play-field. Development as a result stalled and work was stopped.

10 years on, Damian could not make sense of the code and it was handed initially to the Mad Scientist/Hokuto Force to finish, but was too busy to finish it. As a result, Damian has passed over the full source code and game in its final state to be added into the GTW archives.

It is hoped by Damian that someone would be interested in picking up the game and finishing it. Maybe you fancy having a go?

Hopefully some day this is a game that will one day be completed and will no longer need to sit in an unreleased games archive.

Contributions: Damian Caynes

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