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Very early days for this entry, but this is based from a conversation that GTW had with Alan Botwright (Who worked on Brides of Dracula), who mentioned what C64 titles he worked on including Judge Dredd and a game called “The Last Stuntman”

This was a game that was unreleased and meant for CRL in the 80’s. We assumed it to involve cars, but are not sure of the perspective of which the game was to be played or any other details. There seems to be no news of the game in any of the magazines of the time.

Alan mentioned that the game was split into 6 parts, essentially mini games which were developed independently by different developers. Alan produced the last level which involved jumping from a plane and fighting for a parachute in mid-air.

Unfortunately not much else is known just yet, but we hope to get some more developer names soon! There was primarily an Amiga/ST version in the works though, which Drew Northcott worked on – so we hope to find out a bit more soon!

We are very hopeful to locate something of it too in the near future!

Contributions: Ross Sillifant

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15/10/16 – Amiga/ST details + scan added thanks to Ross Sillifant

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  1. Sadly it’s not from C64 version but a screen and details of game itself, did features in UK Press.

    Forwarding over scan now

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