The Greedy Dwarf

Goldstar Software

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22/11/15 – Scans added thanks to Michael Plate

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“As good a danger-filled dungeon as you could wish to expire in” – Personal Computer News describes The Greedy Dwarf.

The game was a text adventure that apparently had a very powerful command structure. It seems that the primary releases were for the BBC and Electron. The C64 version is completely missing.

It could be a case that the game just hasn’t turned up yet, or it was cancelled because the developers struggled with it. A lot of research needed – Goldstar doesn’t seem to be a well known company, so did they fold early?

More info needed for this one…

Contributions: Peter Weighill, Michael Plate (GB64)

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  1. Derek says:

    Greedy Dwarf was included on the first PC to be installed on British Royal Navy warships in the early to mid 80’s. When not being used for operational purposes(alongside in harbour) it formed a new entertainment for large groups of sailors offering advice on what to type next, great fun in it’s day

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