The Power 2


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Its a Demonware title yet again, and yet another Commodore Format Early Warning title.

And you guessed it!… another one which never surfaced in any shape or form other than its blip on the CF scanner.

We can only assume that the game would have been more of the same overhead puzzle action, with various new puzzles, collectables and improvements. It would have been interesting to hear about the plans of this game.

We know nothing about the development of the game, or who was behind it. Demonware are likely to have collapsed during the game’s development, if it was ever started.

Apologies for not knowing more at the moment, but again we hope that someone will come forward and claim they were working on this. More information soon we hope.

Would it have been as good as the first game?… Who knows? ….

Contributions: Andrew Fisher

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