The Rocky Horror Adventure Show


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A quick entry of another Rocky Horror show game which CRL were planning to release, which was to be written up as a (slightly different?) story by Richard O’Brien and then converted to a game. This was following on from the arcade adventure game which had just been released.

The game according to Computer Gamer magazine was being written by Bored of the Rings author Fergus McNeil and was mentioned at the end of the Rocky Horror Show game ending.

But what happened to the game? It never surfaced, not even with any screenshots.

We tracked down Fergus McNeill, who had completely forgotten about the game. He confirms though sadly that the game never got past the initial idea stage (though he did enjoy an eventful lunch meeting with Richard O’Brien to discuss the idea!). Fergus couldn’t recall how the game could have panned out – as the memories faded midway through their lunch!

But this confirms that the game was never started and disappeared without a trace as quick as the idea came up. Unless someone turns up with something to quash this, it is pretty much case closed already!

Contributions: Martyn Carroll, Fergus McNeil

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