The Secret Path


Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

A quick entry for a title which recently surfaced thanks to Magnar Harestad who dug out his own game preview and put on CSDB.

This is a good little Dungeon Master style maze game which is in its early days. The game was made by Magnar by himself as a project. He was only 16 at the time, so it was mostly for fun and no money involved.

The preview is a version that was salvaged from an old floppy disk. There may be more in the future, as Magnar mentioned there was workdisks with later versions where you see your warrior in combat with skeletons that you encountered in the labyrinth (On a separate screen where you would click on upper/middle/lower attack buttons with your sword). A total of 3 monsters and animations were made, but currently these are lost!

There were also to be diferent poison cloud traps that leaked out green/red/blue poison clouds when you moved around, and also treasure chests for coins… but it never happened sadly.

There was no real intro, start screen, ending etc … just pretty much what we see here.

It was cancelled in the end as Magnar lost interest in developing more on it (and the source got messy later on). Magnar later moved onto the Amiga platform as a result.

So that is pretty much it… what you see is most of what there was. We may see extras in the future, but could be a long time to wait.

Almost case closed for this one…

Contributions: Jazzcat, Magnar Harestad

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