The Spy Who Loved Me C64GS


Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

A very quick entry to confirm a title which was on the rumour list for sometime for the C64GS.

Thanks to coder Neil Harding, we can confirm that there was to be an improved cartridge edition of The Spy Who Loved Me by Domark.

The game would feature all the sections, including the submarine section where you could hold your gun at a fixed point and keep firing at enemies (who would somersault over the position you were shooting at). The gun would sweep left and right.

We are not sure why the game never actually surfaced, but its believed that Domark saw that the C64GS wasn’t doing well and decided to scrap it. Another theory is that they couldn’t get multi-load titles converted over sensibly.

We hope to hear more from Neil himself, so watch this space!

Contributions: Neil Harding

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