Titus The Fox


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A strange naming for a title, so close to the publishing name. However, Titus The Fox was an above average platform affair on the 16-bit home computers.

The 8-bit conversions were all planned also, and saw the release of the Amstrad version. Seeing as the Amstrad was quite big in France, and Titus was French, it was not hard to see why this version made it out.

But for Spectrum and C64 users, we were unfortunate not to see anything. After some conversions of Crazy Cars and Fire and Forget, Titus’ Fox character was not to make its appearance.

Just why this is, is unknown at the moment. It is likely that the C64 conversion was started due to Titus’ other C64 involvements, but how far did it get?

Some early pointers to chase would be to find out who developed Blues Brothers, Crazy Cars and Fire and Forget. It is possible that the same developers of one of these games may have been working on Titus The Fox on the C64. So the research will begin here.

After contacting Titus the company, there has been no reply.. so it will all hang on a bit of luck to find out more.

A fox who hasn’t quite got out of his hole yet…

Contributions: Jason Kelk, Patrick Furlong

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