Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3


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Back in Your Commodore magazine and in 1991, their news section stated that Mirrorsoft were producing new Turtles games – two to be precise.

Apparently TMNT 2 was to be more of the same, though actually it turned out to be the arcade game. But what is this of Turtles 3?
Well, it is mentioned that Mirrorsoft saw a 3rd game to be made, but did they envisage it being on the C64 too?

Richard Hewison confirms that the third game was not in the pipeline, and they had barely finished the Arcade conversion before the company was put into administration in late 1991.

It seems that the mention of the 3rd game could have been planned as part of the licence deal, but had not been started/planned at all. Either that or marketing were just spreading some hype to the magazines.

Either way, this particular GTW is indeed vapourware, and a GTW we can therefore close the case on.

Case closed…

Contributions: Peter Weighill, Richard Hewison

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