Toby’s Rescue


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Another game, another title which was never really mentioned in the press – probably because this was a submission to a magazine, rather than a full commercial game it seems.

This game was discovered on a disk in Darren Melbourne’s collection, which seems to have been given to him by Gary Liddon. It was found alongside another adventure game by the same author – both of which seem to have been submitted to the White Wizard at Zzap 64.

The game was the first of an “Arlia” trilogy. There is not much back story to the game and things kick in pretty quickly. The game does give away on the title screen that Keith Matthews was from Cardiff, so we hope to track him down!

Both games though are dated from 1984, which suggests they had been sat on for a period of time before the author then submitted them. Were they submitted for review? Does this mean they were on sale at any point?

Neither game seems to be anywhere on the web, so this may have been the last remaining copy of an adventure game that hasn’t seen the light of day for almost 30 years.

I’m not much of a text adventure player, but the game seems detailed enough with some good puzzles throughout. It is a shame that more people back in the day didn’t get to experience it!

We hope that some day the author will see his games and will get in touch to shed some light on them and we can finally close the door on this case. For now though, check out the games for yourself and see what you think!

Contributions: Darren Melbourne

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