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Status: Preview, Findability: 5/5

Our next entry is a short and sweet entry for a racing game that sadly didn’t get too far, although as you will see in a bit – looked very promising (and fast!)

Racing game (working title) was a title by Martin Piper (author of Berzerk Deluxe and Tusari) back around 1992 time when doing Tusari.

It got to the stage of a few test routines to render a road with some track side objects. The car from Turbocharge was thrown in quickly for testing.

Overall, its a very nice and fast routine – a little rough around the edges (with the road part not fully smooth … but you can see the potential, and no doubt Martin would have constantly improved things.

Interest was unfortunately lost, and the concept was shelved – until recently when Martin dug out the last version of the concept for GTW64.

So check out this cool and small preview of a game which looked like it could have been superb. Faster than Turbocharge and better?… We will never know!

Contributions: Andrew Fisher, Martin Piper

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Creator speaks

Martin speaks about his racing game concept:

“I was working on a racing game. It got the the stage of some test routines to render a road with track side objects. The attached file is pretty much where it ended up before being shelved. The music is the same as that used in track three of

I used the car graphics from Turbo Charge as place holder graphics.”

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