Toki V1


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

A very quick placeholder entry for another surprise V1 entry. This time in the shape of Toki!

Toki of course was eventually released on the C64, with a superb conversion by Al Dukes that was released onto cartridge.

Rather surprisingly, the Ocean History book shed some light in Bill Harbison’s write up that he had worked on a conversion with John Meegan which was cancelled. Had it been completed, it could have been Bill’s first and only piece of C64 work to our knowledge (unless you count his converted Spectrum graphics for Chase HQ!)

However, we have just clarified with John and Bill that there was no earlier edition of the game in production, and Bill’s graphics were used in the final release. So this page will eventually be deleted as a result.

Case closed!

Contributions: Ocean History book, Bill Harbison, John Meegan

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