Black Legend games

1993-1995 Black Legend

Platforms: Commodore Amiga and CD32

A short post for now to highlight a series of games that were due for release on the Amiga by Black Legend across a 2-3 year period.

The publisher behind titles such as Football Glory were covered in various magazines of the time, and were working on around 4 titles in total that were looking promising, but ultimately were never to make it to user’s screens. These titles were:


On board a gigantic spaceship, the aim is simply to stay alive and navigate your way through a huge maze of corridors. In between the simple shooting action are a series of puzzles and tasks to open up further pathways into the ship. Sounds a bit like Obliterator by Psygnosis.

You start with a simple pistol and then upgrade to better weapons as you progress, but also have to deal with larger and more dangerous creatures. There are credits on the screenshot, which we can’t quite fully make out. Coder seems to be a “Geln Innsen” and artist is “Thomas Nobeng” – neither gives any results. Any ideas or anyone know of a better screenshot where we can determine the credits?

Ggrav warrior1ravity Warriors

Based on the classic Oids and Thrust with a few modern twists and updated graphics. You would be able to purchase different ships with differing capabilities, carrying out a series of tasks on each level. The overall goal of the game was for you to take over a series of enemy bases on each level, destroying their fire positions and enemy ships.

checkersSpace Checkers

An updated version of Draughts, with up to four armies storming across an isometric board. The game would be broken up into arcade sequences whenever opponents meet on certain tiles. The winner is the person with all their pieces in the correct corner. A few screens were shown in magazines, but yet again – this disappeared without a trace.

Inordinate Desire

Combining 3D dogfights with complex strategy according to one magazine. A turn-based title which would eventually see release on PC in 1995, but not on the Amiga unfortunately. We guess that this was down to the market disappearing.


A cool looking shoot-em-up that was abandoned when about half way through. Check out the amazing story about the game here. It also eventually saw release on the Nintendo Switch in 2020. Could anything of the Amiga edition therefore be saved in the future? Early demos can be found online in The Zone.

If more information comes to light about each title over time, we’ll split up into separate entries, but if you know anything more about the games and the company, please do get in touch.

With thanks to Grzegorz Antosiewicz for scans and information, and Ross Sillifant for the additional game.


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