Top Cat


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Now for yet another potentially uncovered title in the lost 20 something from Codemasters.

This time a title which seems to have been the result of when Codemasters attempted to buy some cartoon licences from Hi-Tec after they ceased trading back in 1992.

Ben Hayes was tasked with starting a development on a new Top Cat game for Codemasters as it seems things were in negotiation with Dave Palmer at the time. Unfortunately things fell through and the licences never got sold to Codemasters – only Turbo Tortoise made it across onto the Codemasters label.

Top Cat didn’t get very far anyway, and Ben tells GTW:

"It never got beyond a blob bouncing around on some dustbins, and then Codies decided to ditch the 8-bits before it got anywhere. The details are pretty sketchy. "

It is hoped that Ben may have a stray disk somewhere with remains of the preview on, but its unlikely. We’ll see what happens, but this could easily be an open and shut case.

Will Top Cat make a slight return someday?…

Contributions: Ben Hayes

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