Tonic Tile

The Edge

Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

A rather intriguing title from "The Edge" this time, and one which to be honest i’ve never really heard of before until now. The only mention seems to have been in Soft 1988, Issue 2, and no UK magazines at the time – which is odd because "The Edge" was a UK based company.

Soft mentioned that the game was to take up two whole disks and have 33 levels of breakout action. Also included in the game was to be a built-in construction kit for the first 16 levels. According to the magazine, the game should already have been released for Atari ST, Amiga and C64 platforms – but where is it?

The Amiga and ST versions got a limited release it seems, but the C64 version never saw the light of day.

So what happened?… why did the C64 version not surface?… Well, there had been Krakout, Traz and many others at the time on the C64… so maybe Edge decided that Tonic Tile would not sell very well because there was already a glut of these styled games?… We need to find out more. We know nothing about how far the game got, how good it was looking etc.

Do you know anything?

Contributions: Anders

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