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Toxic is a neat little programmer from the late 90’s which was a Polish game by Kmeg/Albion.

It’s very much in the style of Bobix, and originally a preview existed only which showed fairly early stages with little playability – just a controllable main character who can wonder around a level map and collect a few items.

It seems like a nice little platformer, but we are unsure at present to why it never got finished off and turned into a full game. The most likely story is that Timsoft decided to leave the C64 market as it began to die out. Ideally we need to find out more from the authors.

Fantastically though in 2010, Jazzcat, Piotr Tracz and Ian Coog have managed to salvage and bring you the full remains of the game to close the case on this and present you with a rather nice platformer. The game has you going through many various colourful screens of platforms and ladders, collecting various objects and scoring points whilst avoiding an array of enemies. The game comes with some pretty decent music too by Moog ( /MUSICIANS/M/Moog/Flying_ Cavemans.sid and

Ian Coog informs GTW that the aim of Toxic adventure is to get all the sacks (counter on the right) and get to the final room where there is a big arrow pointing to the right, you can escape (and finish) only if you found all 180 sacks.

It is a shame that the game never got a proper release, but at last it can be enjoyed by C64 users as intended. Go check it out!

A great finding, now hoping for some background to why this never quite made it…

Contributions: Jazzcat, Piotr Tracz, Ian Coog

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