Toyota Rally


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A technically impressive game which you’d never expect to see on a C64, though Gremlin had other plans… They had managed to get Lotus converted to the C64 with success, so Toyota Rally didn’t seem that impossible to try too.

Commodore Format #6 said the following to first mention the conversion… “Following the success of Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge, Gremlin have just announced that they will be doing a C64 version of TOYOTA RALLY, which blew 16-bit reviewers away.”

Well, this sadly was it. The conversion was never mentioned again, and Gremlin went on to do a few other titles before moving onto the other higher platforms.

So was the game ever even started?…. Was it too impossible to convert?….. What happened? …. Well, the Spectrum and Amstrad versions got a release (Just like with Nigel Mansell)…
The conversion getting very good reviews from Crash and Your Sinclair.

There must have been a C64 conversion started somewhere as a result, and we are guessing it was an external development team who didn’t quite get it going. Maybe there is something exciting to find here, we’re not sure yet!

Thanks to Martin/Stadium64 – we learn that the C64 version is included within the game’s manual. But where the credits are listed, the C64 segment is curiously empty. Maybe it was in the process of being outsourced?

More information needed, so can anyone help?… who did the C64 version?

Contributions: Leszek Chmielewski, Martin/Stadium64

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30/03/18 – Added manual and scan thanks to Martin/Stadium64

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