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Yet another game which was found on the disks of Ash and Dave. This is a very early demonstration of a side-on scrolling game with an interesting split screen view.

At first we knew nothing about it, then Steven Day came forward and confirmed that it was a Meanteam game that was done from about mid 1987. The same time as Goldrunner was done. Pete Dabbs was the developer.

You can see some of the Goldrunner graphics appear on the walls at the top. Steve also suggests that if you change the sprite position, so he runs on the bottom part – you will see some multi-colour sprite priority features come into play.

Steve tells GTW64 that the game wasn’t really a game as such, but just a CNET demo that was uploaded and was just a test of a sprite mover and a scroller. It had the nickname of B.A.D, as the team thought it probably would be. It also followed the tradition of games having acronyms, like R.I.S.K and W.A.R.

Work stopped dead in late 1987, when Pete and Steve worked on separate paid projects. Part of the display was re-used in another unreleased game called Crystal Beacon and some graphics were transferred over to the ST by Steve and used in an Amiga/ST game called Stormtrooper a year later.

There was nothing more to the game, apart from this demo. So it is very much a case closed!


Contributions: Ashley Routledge, Steven Day, Jazzcat

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Update history

  • 27/01/17 – Steven Day clarifies name for game and what happened.
  • 16/01/17 – Confirmation of who did the game and a possible name!
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