Unnamed Andrew Braybrook game


Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

A short entry for a title which was mentioned by Andrew Braybrook in an interview with FREEZE64.

After finishing Intensity, Andrew started another game design – but it wasn’t really shaped into a game or anything. A title sequence was set up, and the game was going to take place on a hexagonal grid.

However, the draw of the 16-bits was proving too strong, and so work was halted and focus shifted to other platforms. This particular game design was never taken any further, not even on another platform.

Andrew has suggested that there might be a disk lurking around somewhere, but it isn’t known if he would be open to preserving the demo and showing people. We will have to watch this space.

Contributions: Vinny Mainolfi

Supporting content

Creator speaks

Andrew Braybrook speaks to FREEZE64 about his unreleased game:

“After Intensity, I started on another design, but I hadn’t really shaped it into a game. I had done a title sequence messing about with sprite and background priorities, and the game was going to take place on a hexagonal grid.

The Atari ST and Amiga were calling loudly to us at that time, and I felt we had still not started early enough and were being left behind. So there is possibly a C64 floppy disk somewhere with that demo on it.”

Andrew Braybrook.

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