Valley Of The Source

Bug Byte

Status: No Download, Findability: 1/5

Also known as: Twin Kingdom Valley 2

Thanks to contributor Chris Hester, who flagged up an old piece that he wrote possibly for his magazine Adventure Coder. Valley Of The Source was to be the follow-up to Twin Kingdom Valley and was due for release around March 1985.

It was suggested that the game will involve the player in a search for the source of the River of Gold. From that suggestion, the game had been delayed to November 1985. The title was apparently to include half a million locations, each with four full-screen graphic views, animated sword-fights, interactive characters and a host of other astounding features.

Trevor Hall was reportedly working on the game, but everything went dead with nothing more surfacing about the game. He later told Mark Hardisty in Classic Adventurer (issue 1) that the project was shelved when Bug-Byte collapsed, owing Trevor “oodles” of royalty payments.

But with the game worked on for a good period of time, could something substantial still exist that could be saved and shown?

Contributions: Chris Hester, Mark Hardisty

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