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Daxis was a combination of both Darryl Still and Gary Partis’ name, and was an idea by Darryl, which Gary and Peter Scott agreed would be possible to create. The game itself would be a combination of vertical shoot-em-up and platforming action over different levels.

Darryl though suggested that the game was to try and included every aspect of every successful game ever of the time. An ambitious project overall. The game was being developed by Gary on the Commodore 64, with Peter handling the BBC Micro version.

Not much else is known about the game, but when Darryl left Audiogenic, it seemed that the project died out early on. Gary feels he probably only coded a high-score table at most when speaking in the 2021 ABug 10 video.

Although parts of the BBC game have been recovered already, Gary’s C64 work has yet to be preserved. It is hoped that he will be going through all his work disks in the future, so we may yet get to see something of this title.


Contributions: Dave Moore

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