Viaje Al Centro

Topo Soft

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Also known as: Journey to the Center of the Earth

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A big thanks to Carlos who recently flagged up this game which some light was shed at the Spanish retro-party RetroMatrid in 2010. Viaje al Centro de la Tierra (Journey to the Center of the Earth) was a sort of Myth/Indiana Jones style game.

Carlos spoke with Alfonso Fernández Borro (Borrocop), a well-known spanish graphic artist that worked on a lot of titles in the 80’s under Topo Soft label. He confirmed that he worked on the C64 version of ‘Viaje al Centro de la Tierra’ (Journey to the Center of the Earth), which was a well received game on the ZX Spectrum back in 1989

According to Alfonso, the first two levels were completed – when the developer was relieved of his duties whilst the third level was in development. The game then unfortunately got cancelled as a whole, and things were never to be.

We’re not sure how well the conversion was going overall and how it was looking in comparison to the Spectrum version, but we hope to see something soon with quite a few Topo Soft contacts being dug up thanks to Carlos.

Thanks to contributor Martin Inter, we have learnt that Alfonso recovered a bunch of C64 images and graphics from the abandoned conversion and posted them on the Topo Soft group on Facebook several years ago. Alfonso had tried to recover something of the actual development from Jesus Medina, but with no success.  It’s believed that it was being looked into at trying to get the conversion properly finished.

Hopefully the situation will change at some point and something of the conversion can be found and shared.

Contributions: Carlos, Sandro Mestre, Martin Inter, Alfonso Fernandez Borro

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08/01/2023 – Added images from C64 version.

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