Venom Blazer

Secret Lab Productions

Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

Venom Blazer is non other than a Trailblazer clone, hence the name, lacking the two player mode of the game.

The only real resembelence to Trailblazer is the inclusion of the classic checkerboard road effect, which scrolls quite smoothly as it does in all clones of its type.

The game is at an early stage, so there isn’t too much to do, though the game is fairly playable. The game also comes with an nice title screen.

Graphics are as good as they good be for such an early stage in the game’s life.

The game was released at Willow Party 2000 by Rudi Hax (Rudi is a member of the demo group Excess). The publisher was to be Secret Lab Productions, but it is currently unknown why the game was never properly finished. Do you know more? We hope to get hold of Rudi soon to confirm!

Keep to Trailblazer for now…

Contributions: Peter SandÁ©n, Gaz Spence

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20/11/14 – Credits, year and company detail added thanks to Gaz Spence!

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  1. This game preview was coded by scener Rudi Hax and released at the Willow Party in 2000. Rudi is a member of the demo group Excess and still active. The ‘publisher’ is Secret Lab Productions to give it its full name.

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