Status: Full Game, Findability: 3/5

A curious little puzzler promoted in its review from Zzap 64.

Flippit had you turning squares one at a time in order to reproduce a given pattern. Of course, life wasn’t that simple, as each square you turned also affected several others – fans of the Rubiks Cube would’ve felt right at home.

Flippit wasn’t a bad game, but its memory-test gameplay would hardly have set the world alight.

It had a good score in Zzap64 when reviewed. Unfortunately it seems that Soundware went under just before the game was released. There was no real reason for the game not to be fully released.

It has been found out that the game apparently did get released at some point, though this is not confirmed on the C64. The game was originally produced by an Australian company called "Splash" in 1988, and it seems that Soundware were just rereleasing the game as a budget title.

Gamebase 64 found a version of the game, and it was kindly passed onto me via Mat Allen. So you can now download Flippit for yourselves to see what Ian originally was mentioning from his original feature.

So just what did happen to the game?… Was it ever infact released?

A puzzling curiosity of the scene…

Contributions: Ian Osbourne, Greg Colley, Mat Allen

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