Status: Preview, Findability: 3/5

"Voice" is another game in its most early stages, featuring a few platforms and some cute objects to collect.

You are a snail like creature, which has the ability to drop some bombs. These bombs create an awesome explosion which wipes out anything in its path.

The bombs are actually the coolest feature about this preview, as their is a line of fire and the screen errupts and shakes with each bomb.

There isn’t really a game to play, but you can test out the main character, which is a lot of fun to work with on this one screen.

A promising start to game which I don’t know the plot to, or what was planned for it. I just know that its promising, and a shame if this character never got to do anything else.

No credits are linked, so it will be hard to find out if the snail will ever get to use its bombs in an actual playable version of the game.

A neat early look at a potentially great main character…

Contributions: Peter Sandén

Supporting content

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