Zwei Bereten

Color 7

Status: Preview, Findability: 5/5

A strange name, but a very nice and colourful bomberban clone. Zwei Bereten is a two player bomberman clone, featuring some very snazzy and colourful graphics, wonderful titles and screens aswell for extra polish.

Sonically just as impressive too :)

Not quite as fast paced as the original classic game, but just as addictive, though the maps could be a lot better designed for more fun. Powerups are present to get more bombs and other things, and there are plenty of ghosts to try and destroy.

Graphic artist Marcin Mazur confirmed to GTW64 that the game was to be sold to Polish company TimSoft. However, the developers could not agree about certain things they wanted changed in the game, so they decided to release everything as it was.

This is why the graphics were not improved and everything else completed. What we have here is a preview version, but there does exist a version with around 100 levels. We hope to find this very soon!

A sad end to a promising title, which was kindly released in its final form.

Contributions: Jazzcat, Marcin Mazur

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Update history

  • 02/09/15 – Marcin Mazur confirms game was never completed.
  • 30/06/14 – Credits added thanks to Jazzcat!
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6 Responses to Zwei Bereten

  1. Well, this game was to be sold to a polish company TimSoft. We couldn’t agree with some things that they wanted us to change… So we let it go for free as it was at that time. That is why we didn’t improve graphics, levels etc. Anyway, it was a lot of fun:)

    • Thanks for confirming Marcin! So this was pretty much all of the game then? I’ll close the case – a shame it never quite made it! Great game! :)

      • Well, I’m not sure what version we’re talking about. It was like almost 20 yrs ago… There was a short demo version I think and there also was a game with about 100 levels and different modes. Anyway, I play it on a 64 emulator sometimes:)

    • It looks like we only have the preview currently. Do you have the version with the 100 levels that we might be able to add to the website?

      • Hmm, looks like I need to look for the full version!
        Like Marcin says, it was 99.9% finished and had 100 levels plus 20 bonus ones.

        • That would be great if you could find it. Seems a shame that more people haven’t had the chance to enjoy the game :)

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