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Zynon is another long lost game this time from Ian and Mic. It originally was not known what the game was about, but we can confirm thanks to Rob Whitaker that is was indeed the preview already in Gamebase: http://www.gamebase64.com/game.php?id=8932&d=18&h=0

It was in an interview with C64.com that Ian and Mic told the site that they had done a game called Zynon which was unreleased. There was no other details apart from this.

Rob confirmed that he did some very quick graphics for the game, but it was scrapped by Ian and Mic for reasons unknown. It seems Ian and Mic passed it onto Bod to crack and release and all that exists is what is in the preview where the map finishes and you cannot progress any further.

In a temporarily leaked document from Charles Deenen, there was a release list for Maniacs of Noise, which had Zynon listed with “Reptilla Design” as the company. Co-coincidently, Jeroen Tel had a Zynon set of tunes in HVSC, as well as Charles Deenen – no doubt meant for the game! We have added this now to the entry.

With tunes added, it seems that maybe the game was meant for at least a budget release. Ian and Mick were writing the game, but just lost interest during its early stages and decided to scrap it and work on other titles.

What you see here is pretty much all that was developed. Case closed!

Contributions: Andreas Wallstrom, Rob Whitaker, Michael Jones, Nemo

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Creator speaks

Michael Jones speaks about work on Zynon:

“The development of Zynon was very early stages and never really turned into anything. Up to this game we were writing whole games in advanced and then approaching publishers for interest.

We decided to scrap Zynon and start to pencil down game ideas and pitch them to software houses for work and get advanced payments prior to developing any code. This development model worked better as we were running a business with staff, costs, rent and equipment. We could not gamble on writing an entire game taking 3-6 months and then not finding an interested publisher.”

Update history

  • 22/03/17 – SFX credit added thanks to Nemo
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