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Status: No Download, Findability: 2/5

A bit of a cheats entry, but whilst going through Zzap Italia scans, we found many titles that the magazine previewed and which are as of yet unpreserved. SEUCK, 3DCK and custom developed titles that are still at large.

Here is a rough list of what seems to be missing. See the scans below for more details and screenshots. Can you help us find them? Many may sadly be lost for good.

  • Battaglia Navale (Battleships)
  • Goldon’azz (SEUCK)
  • Pik & Pok
  • Top Manager
  • Massimo Marchese Show II (3DCK)
  • Bubble War (SEUCK) – ALREADY PRESERVED (https://ready64.org/giochi/scheda_gioco/id/5360/bubble-war)
  • Dance on a Volcano
  • Bat Revenge (SEUCK)
  • Solaria / The Land Of Solaria (SEUCK) ALREADY PRESERVED (http://www.gamebase64.com/game.php?id=4246&d=18&h=0)
  • Settore Omega (SEUCK)
  • Mutant’s Lair (SEUCK)
  • Suicide Mission (SEUCK)
  • Supporter (SEUCK)
  • The Last Eretics (SEUCK)
  • Hordes From Hell (SEUCK)
  • Wizard Fighting (SEUCK)
  • Idleness (SEUCK)
  • Andromeda (SEUCK)
  • Sky Light (SEUCK)
  • Motorway Runner
  • Bridges ‘N’ Roads (SEUCK)
  • Zombie’s Day (SEUCK)
  • Psycho Fantasy (SEUCK)
  • Danger Zone (SEUCK)
  • Danger Car (SEUCK)
  • A.S.T.R.O (SEUCK)
  • Boanerges (SEUCK)

We’ll update this page as titles are found over time. Can you help us recover any of them?

UPDATE: Fabrizio Bartoloni informs us that Motorway Runner was not SEUCK, but an early self developed game.

Scans with thanks and courtesy of https://www.zzap.it/

Contributions: Fabrizio Bartoloni, https://www.zzap.it/, Richard Bayliss

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  1. “La smentita” is not a SEUCK game, the original information box in the magazine was aptly titled like that meaning “an official denial” with regards to two games submitted by a reader, namely “Solaria” and “Aurora” the former of them you list above among others, which turned out to be creation by a third party professional developer living abroad.

    • Ah, yes – that similar styling had caught me out. So just a box out talking about previous games and a bit of a scandal? I’ll fix that now.

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