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  • 10/03/17 – More scans added thanks to Ross Sillifant.
  • 29/05/14 – Previously unseen screenshot (unless you read CVG 74?) – thanks to Ross Sillifant
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A 3D Op Wolf style blaster featuring 2000 AD’s Barbie lookalike Psi-Judge Anderson gunning down the evil Judge Death’s zombie hordes. Unlike previous games of this genre, Judge Death actually showed your hand clasping the lethal Lawgiver (gun favoured by Mega City One Judges), though aiming and shooting was via the usual crosshairs. Strange thing about this game is that a company called Novatrade is credited on this (full?) version ready to download. The game seems full enough. Its not a brilliant game, but for its

time… it looked good stuff.   But interestingly Ross Sillifant found a screen which doesn’t seem to be in the game, which suggests there could well be more out there!  Can anyone confirm? Andromedia software were actually behind the game (Based in Hungary). The main problem with the game was that they apparently used Koala Pad to design all the backgrounds, and unfortunately the C64 did not have the power to shift them around effectively. Pirahna were actually quite miffed with the conversion. SIR was drafted in to make the graphics “Less clean”, and add some graffiti around the place. SIR did do some nice Dark Judges sprites in addition to his work, but these were sadly never used. Pirahna software sadly went under with their debts, and this game was caught up in it all. A lot of publicity went into this game, and this you can see on the Scans pages.

Graeme Mason in November 2017 had a wonderful article published on the 2000AD games, which mentions Judge Death and various other games from that era: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-11-19-a-brief-history-of-2000ads-8-bit-games

It’s all a bit of a mess this game, but some nostalgic worth here to see. Get blasting those zombie scum…

Contributions: Ian Osbourne, Jason Kelk, Mat Allen, Gaz Spence, Ross Sillifant

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  • Preview_Judge.zip
  • SIR speaks about work on Judge Death… “As for Judge Death, well the game was developed in Hungary, but I remember the producers in London weren’t very pleased with the game. The original design for the game – done by a guy called Kevin Williams – was pretty good, but they hadn’t done a good job in coding it. They’d decided to develop it using bitmapped graphics drawn on a Koala pad (like I used for my loading screens). The problem with this was that the c64 just didn’t have the power to move those graphics around smoothly, hence the really jerky scrolling and sluggish controls. The publisher wasn’t very happy with the game or the graphics, and I was drafted in to help to try to get the game up to an acceptable standard. I remember visiting the publisher to discuss with them what we could do. To start with the graphics weren’t very good, and too clean – there was no detail. So I added all the grafitti and background objects you see in the game. I didn’t have much time so i couldn’t do alot. I did do some very nice C64 Dark Judges sprites, but unfortunately they didn’t end up in the game. The publisher were keen on an ST version, and I did some sample graphics to show how the ST version could progress, but again nothing happened.” SIR.

    7 Responses to Judge Death

    1. Ross Sillifant says:

      The Games Machine claimed a Hungarian team by name of Hobbyte were ‘a fair way into’ developng this title.Mix up in names?.

      • fgasking says:

        Could be! Might be the Andromedia had contracted the game out to the Hungarian team. That name sounds familiar though!

    2. Ross Sillifant says:

      Appaloosa sadly went under after releasing Jaws (PS2/Xbox etc) which was crippled by an appalling camera system did they not?.They were interviewd in the Official DC magazine years back, i think…will have to have a dig around, see if anything said on their previous works….

    3. Hank says:

      Hi Frank,

      It doesn’t matter as far as the game itself is concerned, but Novotrade were a Hungary development studio responsible for Ecco the Dolphin, and changed their name to Appaloosa later. Could it possibly be that “Horror City” is the released Hungarian version of the game, possibly distributed in that country by Novotrade (with Andromeda developing)?

      Certainly the only logical thing that makes sense in my mind.

      • fgasking says:

        Could be, though there hasn’t been any evidence surfacing yet. We’ll leave this here though in case anyone else wishes to comment. You could be right?

    4. Compounded says:

      Just a small addition – Zzap! issue 32 previews this game on page 158 and continues on 162.

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