S.T.U.N Runner, better on Speccy?

Released S.T.U.N Runner gameInteresting find on our travels, but as some may well know – the Spectrum version of S.T.U.N Runner wasnt particularly great (Well, the C64 version was only marginally better, but thats not saying much).

However, things could have been a whole lot better it seems, and the postage stamp sized play area could well have been extended. Check out the preview shots here:


Then compare to the released game shots here:


A rather different game from the looks of things. Was it merely a set of mockups (Like with what happened to Nemesis on the Spectrum), or was it an earlier version that was canned? One for a bit more research I think

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  1. I’m not sure if people are aware, but the actual Atari engineers responsible for games like Stun Runner, Toobin, Xybots etc were NOT happy with the quality of the home versions Domark were pushing out.

    Ed Rotberg had commented he would be raising the issue with Tengen as they were the ones who had the final say on who the games were licenced out to.

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