Lost Vic 20 games

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The Vic 20 was one of my favourite machines that I grew up with, being actually the first ever proper computer I had back in 1989. One dream has been to set up a dedicated sister site for the Vic 20 and start hunting for long lost and unreleased titles, but what with a busy schedule with GTW 64, and this main site, I just don’t have the time.

As a small taster, here are a few titles we originally mentioned on GTW64. New items may get added over time to this page, or even individual review entries will be hosted here instead.

Some long lost titles

Space Vultures – 1982 Commodore

Thanks to GarryG for mentioning this one… Apparently labelled Vic -1936 on the cartridge, this was to be a Phoenix clone by Commodore, but was never to be. It is rumoured that Atari stepped in and stopped Commodore, as did Namco with Jelly Monsters. However, Space Vultures seemingly never made it to stores. Did anything get started?… We believe so, but no signs of this game means it could be tough. However, what with collectors able to pick up prototype cartridges and a few known prototype sources, it could be found…

Q-Bert Qubes – 198? Parker Bros

The game’s manual for the Atari platform all but confirms that Commodore was due a conversion, but was it Vic 20 as well as C64?… It’s believed so. The hunt goes on for th C64 version, and the Vic 20 is all but possibly vapourware… or is it?..

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