Paperboy (c64) un-used assets

Thanks to Encore (Nothing to do with Elite I might add), a contributor on Lemon 64 – a range of unused sprites have been found tucked away in the game.

Ever wondered why so much was missed out of the conversion, well it seems the likes of the break dancing skaters were meant to have been…

Maybe they just ran out of space?… or just time whilst developing. This suggests that there could actually be some character based assets hidden away too, so if we find anything we’ll report it back here.

Here is a sprite dump as well from Paperboy to show all of the above in memory:

4 Responses to Paperboy (c64) un-used assets

  1. I was the guy who did these.
    You have just brought back many memories! I was just searching for an image for a portfolio on my work on Paperboy and this came up


    • Hi Jon, glad you liked the sprite grabs. I guess that the developer just ran out space whilst doing the game and that’s why some of those didn’t feature?

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