Star Odyssey (Mega Drive) released!

Super Fighter Team (a classic game publisher based in San Diego, California) has recently brought out a new commercial release for the Sega Mega Drive called Star Odyssey, a role-playing game set in the future. This game, which was originally released in Japan under the title Blue Almanac, was later advertised in American video game magazines in the early ’90s under the title Star Odyssey. The ads promised a forthcoming release of the game in English — but this never happened… until now.

In 2007, Super Fighter Team acquired the only known copy of the English language prototype of Star Odyssey and in 2009, successfully negotiated a licensing contract with the current IP holder, Starfish-SD Inc. Thus on June 22, 2011, the 20th anniversary of the release of Blue Almanac in Japan, this anticipated RPG finally reached gamers not only in the USA, but around the entire world.

The release of Star Odyssey marks the first time a new game for a classic system has been produced and released in cooperation with a company in Japan.

Many thanks to Brandon Cobb (president of Super Fighter Team) for the news submission!

EDIT 05/12/21 – Removed links and images, as sales site now a gambling site. Thanks to Fabrizio Bartoloni for the heads up.

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  1. I love seeing stuff like this, even if I don’t end up buying it myself due to the price. I think their first Megadrive title sold over 1,500 copies which is pretty good for them.

    If I were them I’d consider releasing it as an emulator package for about £5-10, as they may sell a few more then. I’m pleasantly surprised at how many games they’ve managed to find and release in English.

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