GTW64 and update

Over the past few months, GTW64 has been working with to preserve a series of games after working on the disk collection of Darren Melbourne. 25 or so disks were painstakingly preserved by, and GTW64 trawled through these and found many a lost game. We present a good selection of these, but more will follow in the future with more disks being examined and preserved by both of us.

The collaborated update includes:

  • Nuker preview found and released
  • Runestone preview found and released
  • Duel full game found and released
  • Unnamed CRL game preview found and released
  • Leopard Lord full game found

Then part of GTW64’s usual update includes:

  • Necronom graphical assets found
  • Shao Lin’s Road V1 assets found
  • Enduro Racer V1/V2 preview found
  • Early version of Microprose Soccer released
  • More details on Razzmatazz added
  • 42 other new entries added
  • 17 existing entries updated

Nuker image

Enjoy, and hope you all have a good holidays and a happy new year! We’ll be back in 2012 with more joint findings :) and

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