DestructANT released

Some of you will recall the awesome Spellcast game on the Commodore 64 that never was – the game by the excellent Genesis Software, which featured brilliant artwork by Jonathan Temples.

Well, after a break of around 20 years, Jonathan has got back into game art by designing for a new iPad game called DestructANT (Which ironically features Ants, just like Nobby The Aardvark). It’s great to see Jon’s brilliant work once more on a medium on which Jon produced many a great game on which I enjoyed as a 9/10yr old back then.

Destructant screenshot

If you want to check out Jonathan’s work, check out the App store as the game is now released or the website at

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  1. Great to see Jonathan back on the ball. Nobby was a classic, and yes, had ants. I take it the screenshot is from the up coming game. Graphic artwork looks really cool, can’t wait to see it run.

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