Angel of Hell 2 game recovered

NOTE: (Frank – 03/09/21) I’ve updated this old 2012 post, as the link was broke.

Another quick update with the recovery of a great icon driven adventure game called Angel Of Death 2. This is a very advanced preview with some neat intros and graphics throughout. No English translation just yet!

Angel Of Hell 2

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  1. Hi Norbert, many thanks for the offer – though the entire game I think would need translation – which would need doing with the coders. I doubt very much anyone will want to release a translated version, so we may have to stick with the Hungarian version for the archive. A shame, but there you go :)

  2. PS: If you can get the full text somehow extracted, I could make a translation. If not then if I will have some time I will try to spend time on the translation… Please contact me in e-mail!

  3. Let me help you with that:
    “Home sweet home” – you hear yourself moaning when you look around in your small home, which consists of two rooms: a narrow bedroom and a gloomy living room. Out of the two you find yourself in the living room, where the indifferent (light?) passes through the grungy window. (The section, where it should say what passes through the window is missing from the text…)

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