Thank you!

Just wanted to say a big thanks for all the very kind contributions to our hosting and domain costs, which was completed thanks to Mark Campbell (a full list of all our contributors can be found on the donations page). This is us covered for another year and we will continue to report and uncover on what we can.

Apologies for the quietness recently – i’m currently in the process of upgrading GTW64 (finally!), which has meant a number of scripts to get the data out of the archaic 10 year old page design and into a new system. The content is almost out, and the next steps will be to get the C64 based archive in a new system (possibly here under the main GTW site if all goes to plan).

Other news is that Amiga GTW has been brought into a larger Amiga based site called Amiga Lore, due to Adrian finding that he was asking developers lots of questions about their released games as well as unreleased games so he’s now covering everything in larger interviews. Check out the Amiga platform link on the top right of the page to take a look!

Finally – more news snippets and game updates coming here soon. Alex has been very busy compiling notes and details in the background, so we’ll bring some of this to light very soon.

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