Carmageddon TV

2005 Visual Science

Platforms: Microsoft Xbox, PC and Sony PlayStation 2

As part of the launch and release of The Games That Weren’t book, we are  adding assets and content that didn’t make it to print as bonus DLC content to share with you.

Within the book is an in-depth and detailed 18 page story about the unreleased Carmageddon TV (CTV from this point on) by Visual Science. We talk to creative director (and later temporary project manager) Ken Fee, lead developer Grant Clarke, design leader Pat McGovern, lead vehicle artist Iain Anderson, level designer Jim Thompson, lead front-end (UX/UI) designer Mark Traynor, main physics programmer David Guthrie and freelance vehicle artist Paul Walker.

Fun fair shot 2. Thanks to Damien Djaouti for providing.

CTV was essentially a car crash of a development, with many mistakes and indecisions over the course of a few years – lacking the input from its original creator Stainless Games. There was even planned to be “out the car” sequences, where you could beat up pedestrians and other drivers, even stealing their car.

Eventually there would be fall out between Visual Science and SCi, and relationships that were fractured beyond repair. Although starting to get back on track (sorry!) at one stage, SCi decided to cancel the title.

Whilst researching for the book, we were very kindly provided with a number of source materials from those involved on the game, including game design documents and vehicle specs.  A ton of vehicle renders were provided, and then we produced some screenshots from the video of the prototype that surfaced. There are also extra screenshots and mood boards kindly provided by Damien Djaouti, who wrote a piece on the game for Pix n Love magazine.

Not everything could be included in the book, so here is everything in full below. Enjoy, and if you love what you see – then please take a look at the book for full stories and more on a number of games.




Mock-ups and mood boards

Prototype screenshots




Cover mock ups

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