Various unreleased Amiga titles

A short post to highlight two Amiga titles that never were (thanks to Karl Kuras) which were mentioned in the pages of Commodore User magazine.

The Legend of Billy Boulder

This title was actually due for release on PC and Atari ST, as well as Amiga. Although fully reviewed by two magazines, it never surfaced for any platform it seems. The reviews were fairly poor, but when would that give U.S. Gold an excuse not to release a game?

Something smells a bit odd with this one – do you know anything more about it?

Rocky Horror Show

A conversion of the 8-bit title by CRL some 6 years later, with digitised stills from the film. The game was due for release by Christmas 1990, but perhaps CRL had collapsed by that point? Was it ever started and how far did it get?

Do you know anything more about either title?

Credits: Thanks to Amiga Magazine Rack and Atari Mania for most of the scans, and Karl Kuras for highlighting both titles.

2 Responses to Various unreleased Amiga titles

  1. I was wondering if you could add Mr. Nutz to the list of unreleased games, as I couldn’t find it anywhere on the site.

    This isn’t the game that was released on the Amiga – Mr. Nutz Hopping Mad (MN2), but the game which was only titled as Mr. Nutz (NM1) that ended up getting released on the Super Nintendo and Genesis / Mega Drive. The original development happened on the Amiga, but never got a release, presumably because the Amiga market started to go into decline at that point.

    While it probably never got a feature in an Amiga magazine, because of the development process it may have had a complete or near complete version for either the A500 or A1200 – which is a total guess on my part, but based on all the reading I’ve been doing about the game on the interwebs, it should at least be a fairly educated guess.

    Might be worth a look – it would be a great find if it was uncovered, as it was a decent game on the console platforms.

    • Hi Bob, happy to cover it – but do you have any references to magazines that mentioned that the game was coming soon for the Amiga, or that it was started on that platform? Just so we’ve got something initially to start with.

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