Animal Games / Jungle Olympics

1988 EAS

Platforms: Commodore Amiga and Atari ST

A short entry for an Amiga/ST game that never was from 1988, and which was previewed in a Generation 4 and ASM Magazine. In the latter magazine, the game’s name was listed as having a working title of Jungle Olympics.

Clipboard05 1

The game was to be a simple Epyx “Games” style title, where you have a series of events that you must compete in, whilst controlling a particular animal. One screenshot seems to depict a split screen waggling event with penguins (not quite a Jungle scenario!), with another showing a crocodile swimming event. Not quite sure what the Elephant section is – probably some kind of discus-style event.

When EAS visited ASM magazine, there wasn’t much to see at the time – just some graphics and animation sequences. Nothing was yet playable. EAS informed ASM that there were to be around 6 events at least in the final version, with an additional event being an ostrich hurdle run.

The only other details was that the game was being developed by Olaf Schneider for EAS, and was due for release in December 1988. It was never to be though, and disappeared without a trace. The ST mention is purely a guess at this stage, as other EAS titles had an ST version underway.

At present, it is unknown what happened exactly, but with the developer name now known – we hope to find out more in the near future. EAS closed its doors around 1989, so its possible delays to the game and the closure was the cause of cancellation.

Thanks to Grzegorz Antosiewicz for the heads up about the title and the scans, and contributor Jürgen for confirming that Jungle Olympics was the working title.


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