Bod the Alien

1991 Digital Magic Software

Platform: Amiga (and C64 – released as Bod Squad)

C64 owners will very much recognise our next entry, which was eventually released by Zeppelin Games back in 1992 as Bod Squad. Originally though, the game was due to be released by Digital Magic Software under the name of Bod the Alien, and released around October 1991 time.

gamesx 12 Bod

Bod has to search several locations in order to recover his kids across mansion and pyramid themed levels. Graphics were being created by Jon Law, with code by Mike Halsall (who also worked on Universal Monsters at a later date for Ocean).

Unfortunately, when DMS collapsed, Bod the Alien was caught up in the mess. Mike gave his only copy of the game to a C64 artist and programmer on the promise that another publisher was going to release it. We checked this with Kent Murray, who was artist and programmer on Bod Squad, but he confirmed that he never had a copy of the game. Sadly it seems that it could well be lost, unless Jon Law still has something of the game – who we’ve pinged a message, but haven’t heard anything back yet.

Bod the Alien was released as Bod Squad by Zeppelin, but seemingly dropped a level or two to make it into a budget release. It is currently the only glimpse we have of the game.

Thanks to Grzegorz Antosiewicz for the suggestion and for the scans.


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