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1993 Emotional Pics

Platform: Amiga

From the creators of Cover Girl Strip Poker was yet another game along the same kind of theme of featuring naked women, this time with an Othello-based game to gradually reveal all.

The title was actually fully complete and reviewed by magazines of the time, but was slammed with low scores of 20% and 34% with a high price of £25.99. For a very simple game featuring pretty ropey digitized pictures, you would be better off just buying a copy of Playboy (as one reviewer even suggests).

Perhaps this is the reason that the game never seemed to see release, or at least we *think* it hasn’t been released. It is currently missing in action and listed as so on sites such as Hall of Light with that status.

Regardless of the content and how bad the game may be, preservation is preservation, so it would be good to see it recovered some day, but also learn if it did get a limited release of some kind.

Thanks to Grzegorz Antosiewicz for the suggestion of covering the title and provided scans.


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