Monster Muncher

1983 Spectrum Games

Platform: Commodore Vic 20

I’m surprised that we hadn’t had this one listed earlier on the site. Monster Muncher was to be a simple Pac Man clone released for the Commodore Vic 20 by Spectrum Games back in 1983 and was even advertised. The ZX Spectrum version did see release however.

Unfortunately it seems that for whatever reason, the game may not have seen a full release. Possibly as Spectrum Games may have got into trouble with their unlicensed clones, disappeared and then resurfaced as Ocean Software.

What is particularly interesting about this conversion is that it was written by Matthew Smith of Manic Miner fame and took only a day or so to write. According to Matthew, he sold the game to a few people himself, but that was it. We are not sure if Spectrum Games ever sent any copies out, but no copy has been forthcoming to try and preserve.

Some years ago (2014 to be precise), David Selwood kindly loaned GTW a copy of Road Frog for the Vic 20 which hadn’t been preserved and was the only copy we had seen. It is likely therefore that there are copies out there to be found of Monster Muncher, so we live in hope.

Credits: Dasse Evertsson


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