Combat Remix

1998 Low-Level Productions

Platform: Commodore Amiga

Combat Remix was a late Amiga fighting game that was due for release back in 1998 from a group called Low Level, highlighted to GTW thanks to regular Grzegorz Antosiewicz.

This is a short entry for now, as very little is actually known about the game and what happened to it. The only trace found so far seems to be from an old web archived site called Amiga Nutta, where there were 3 screenshots shown, as well as a few brief news snippets in Amiga Informer, Amiga Fever and The Games Machine Italia.

combatremix2 large

The game was looking pretty decent, and had obviously a lot of influence from Street Fighter for the character in yellow – and Grzegorz also suggests Piccolo from Dragon Ball for the second character. The backgrounds quite possibly were borrowed from other various games too – which suggests that it was indeed a combat “remix” in many ways, and maybe that was the intention.

The archived page suggests that the game played in 128 colours, had scrolling backgrounds and included six fighters in total. The developers were to show the game off at the Pianeta Amiga 1998 event in Italy and were to have a page up on the game, with details of more exciting games for the Amiga.

According to Games Machine Italia magazine, the team never went to the Pianeta Amiga event, which further fuelled rumours that the game was a fake. The magazine apparently did a slightly bigger feature on the game in issue 112 of The Games Machine (Italia) – if anyone has a copy of this, please let us know (it doesn’t seem to be on at this moment in time.)

It was never to be overall, and the game disappeared without a trace. We now hope to find those involved in Low Level Productions and see if anything of the game may have survived and to find out what happened. Was this a real game, or an elaborate hoax? Our guess is that the team went onto more profitable ventures instead (if the game was indeed real). If you know anything more about this game, then please do get in touch.

With thanks to Grzegorz Antosiewicz.


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