Learn with Dizzy

1992 Codemasters

Platforms: Commodore Amiga, Atari ST and PC

It’s with thanks to the wonderful yolkfolk.com website and their eagle eyes that we learn of yet another Dizzy game that never was. This was no arcade or arcade adventure game this time though, with Codemasters deciding to branch into the realms of educational software.

Dizzy was clearly a very popular title with young aged gamers at the time, and Codemasters must have felt a great opportunity to push into the educational sector with their appealing character.

learn with dizzy

To be released for the Amiga, ST and PC, the game would encourage 3-6yr olds to explore rooms in Dizzy’s house, Daisy’s house and the park. Each location would be full of different objects which, when activated would display their name, make a sound or become animated. Children may be asked to find a particular object too.

The pack was to come with a set of crayons, a colouring book and simple words to learn and trace – as well as a manual for parents. Sadly there were no screenshots to show of the game, just some custom cover art showing Dizzy in front of a blackboard and with who Yolkfolk.com believe could be Dizzy’s cousin Danny.

Ash Hogg was asked to produce a small prototype on the Amiga, and apparently had graphics already to work with (believed to be created by the late Brian Hartley). Project managed by Paul Ranson, the development didn’t last long (a month tops) before the game was cancelled.

The Oliver Twins have already confirmed not having anything of the prototype that was produced, and neither did Ash when asked. Paul Ranson could also not recall much about the project at all. This could be a tricky one to see anything recovered, but you just never know. If you know anything more about the development, then please do get in touch with us or Yolkfolk.com.

With thanks to Yolkfolk.com for the heads up about the game.


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